Jewelry Organization

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize my jewelry and accessories. Right now everything is packed away in various boxes, and I’d like to find a semi-temporary solution so I can access everything again. This is tough, because I have quite a collection (mostly vintage, thrifted, or handmade), but if I can’t see it I forget to wear it. My cats are another problem: If they can reach jewelry, they like to mess with it, pawing at it and tossing it onto the floor. This all means that I don’t want to tuck everything away in a drawer, but I also can’t have it sitting out on a dresser in a pretty dish or display (too bad, because there are so many lovely options). I’d like something that is:
-Aesthetically pleasing
I’ve been combing Pinterest for DIY ideas, and these are a few I’ve come across that look like they might work for me.

I’m thinking I might rig up some combination of the first two using a frame I found in the back of a closet and some paint.

How do you store your jewelry? Any advice on what works best?

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One thought on “Jewelry Organization

  1. i had the blue frame with the horizontal sticks pinned too! i planned to do that with a frame i picked up off the street..but honestly couldnt find any sticks outside my new apartment. i ended up putting cork board in the frame. and nails… lots of nails.

    i definitely like the lace look in the first picture, but it would probably have to be starched so it wouldnt sag/stretch

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