3 Inspiring DIY Ideas

3 Inspiring DIY Ideas

Tonight I thought I’d share some DIY ideas I’ve been pinning this week.
1. Bleach-dipping: Dip a dress, denim jacket, or shirt in bleach and splatter it around a bit.
Left, right

2. More studs: I know I’ve tackled studs before, but I especially love them on these bright Converse.
Left, right, Burberry studded trench

3. Head wraps: Nothing says spring like florals, and a cute flower-print wrap or flower headband might be just the thing to get you in the mood for warmer weather.
Center, left, right

Earlier this evening I heard a report on NPR that warmer and drier weather than usual is expected this spring…”except in the Northwest.” I guess I won’t be wearing my spring DIY projects anytime soon, but I hope the rest of you will!

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    1. Derell, I didn’t make that shirt and I can’t find the original source! I wish I knew how exactly they did it, too! It looks like maybe they dipped it and then splashed/squirted bleach on it to get the contrast.

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