Friday Favorites: 5 Wood Projects for the Home

Next week we’ll be moving into a house in Portland, but we have hardly any furniture since we got rid of most it when we moved across the country at the end of the year. We’ll also have a backyard for the first time, plus access to my parents’ power tools, so this week I have been particularly inspired by potential woodworking projects. I doubt I have anywhere near the skill needed to pull these off, but I did build a pretty snazzy scratching post for my cats, so maybe I’m not totally hopeless.

1. A scrap wood tabletop. Eating at this table sure would beat eating off the floor!
From here.

2. A painted wood dresser. With the right thrifted dresser, this one wouldn’t be too hard.
From here.

3. A simple wooden toothbrush holder. I might actually have a chance of making this one.

4. A reclaimed wood bed. Is it crazy that someone with (almost) zero woodworking experience wants to build a bed? Probably, but I might try anyway!
From here.

5. A log slice side table. I should probably start my woodworking career with something a little less complex, like this side table.
From here.

Do you have any home improvement projects planned? Do any of them involve power tools?

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One thought on “Friday Favorites: 5 Wood Projects for the Home

  1. I created the wood end table and made 2 of them and it has come out awesome. I did remove the bark as I saw some damage to it and didn’t want to keep it for the sake off. I am making a wood table center piece with 2 oak wood pieces each 2.5 inches thick. I have made a key chain holder with a wooden branch and wind chime from a camphor branch.

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