3 DIY Ideas: Bringing Sexy Back

3 DIY Ideas: Bringing Sexy Back

The back is one of those areas of the body that doesn’t get nearly enough love. Tight clothing and cleavage are often too over-the-top, but an exposed back can be just as sexy in a more understated way. Here are three examples of open-back garments that you could DIY on a shirt or dress. Especially on a maxi-dress, they’d be perfect looks for this summer. If you make one, just be sure to use sunscreen or you might end up with some funky tan lines!

Dress by Mara Hoffman

(Sorry about the title–I just couldn’t resist!)

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2 thoughts on “3 DIY Ideas: Bringing Sexy Back

  1. I agree, a sexy cut of the back isn’t seen that often and it can look lovely but I think the reason for that is its impracticability. Most women don’t feel comfortable wearing no bra on a daily basis (me included, it would look hideous as I’m a busty woman), so all of the options above, though looking cool, are out of the window. Nevertheless I try to incorporate a pretty scoop back or cutout from time to time in my sewing projects.

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