10 Things to Do This Summer

10 Things to Do This Summer

Happy July 4th! Here in the US, that means fireworks and barbeques, and in the Pacific Northwest, it means that maybe summer is finally starting. Lately I’ve been thinking of things I’d like to do this summer, and to help me keep track, I made a list. I figured I’d share because hey, maybe other people would like to do these things, too!
1. More backyard firepit cookouts
Basically everything is better cooked outdoors over a fire. Though I don’t eat the main draw for most people (meat), portobella mushrooms, corn, asparagus, potatoes, or pretty much any vegetable, are all wonderful grilled. Oh, and did you know you can grill pizza? You can, and it’s fantastic. (Also while I was looking for instructions for grilling a pizza I found this recipe, for pizza topped with grilled vegetables. Yum!)
pizza on the grill
2. Watch a meteor shower
meteor shower

Laying out and watching a meteor shower is a lovely way to spend a warm night, and summer is meteor shower season. Check out this page and this one for info and schedules of meteor showers.
3. Visit Crater Lake
crater lake
This picture pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it? I’ve been there a long time ago, and yes, the water is amazingly blue. It’s about a 5-hour drive from Portland.
4. Participate in a craft fair
I’ve never sold anything in person before, and honestly, I’m kind of intimidated by the whole scene and worried that I wouldn’t make my entry fee back. But at the very least I could sell in person at Last Thursday on Alberta Street in Portland, which is totally free. And if I get more brave, there are a whole host of other craft fairs in Portland, like The Crafty Underdog.
5. Visit Oneonta Gorge
Oneonta Gorge Photo by Marc Adamus
I’d never even heard of Oneonta Gorge until I came across this photo on Pinterest, but I was immediately convinced that I need to visit there soon. Reportedly you have to wade through water to get there, so warm weather is definitely required. According to google maps it’s less than an hour away, so I really have no excuse not to go. Doesn’t it look magical?
6. Experiment with summer cocktails
blackberry sage cooler recipe
Drinking fruity, highly-alcoholic beverages seems like a pretty good way to beat the summer heat, and I’ve got a whole list to try. As soon as blackberries are in season, I’m keen to try this blackberry sage cooler…but with alcohol.
7. Try fabric stamping and printing
fabric stamping
There are tons of different ways to stamp images onto fabric, and I’ve been meaning to try some simple designs for awhile. I’m particularly intrigued by this method.
8. Visit Thor’s well
Thor's Well Photo by Miles Morgan
Another super beautiful place that I discovered via Pinterest. It’s only a few hours away on the Oregon coast, though it sounds kind of treacherous.
9. Try more ice cream and frozen dessert recipes
cappuccino pops
I can’t even decide where to start here. Should I make gingerbread ice cream sandwiches, peanut butter caramel ice cream, chai popsicles, dark chocolate and coconut popsicles, cappuccino pops, or chocolate dipped strawberry creamsicles? There aren’t even enough days in the summer to make all of the sweet frozen treats I’ve seen online.
10. Sew a summer dress
parfait dress pattern
I’ve got a parfait dress pattern from Colette patterns waiting for when I find the perfect fabric. I’d better not eat too many frozen confections, or I’ll have trouble fitting into my dress.

What do you want to do this summer? Do you have a list, or are you just going to wing it?

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