Outfit Post: Keeping Cool

A hot day like today called for a simple outfit, and this one just happens to be entirely thrifted. Looking at these pictures, though, I think I need to hem the shirt. The thing is, it’s not actually a skirt at all. It’s a dress made for someone about a foot shorter than me and/or a much skankier dresser. I think that I can safely hem it, since unless I take up a new career I’m not going to be wearing it as a dress. I really like the sweetheart neckline and polka-dots, though, so a little hemming is worth it to make this piece more wearable. Now that I think about it, I actually hemmed these shorts, too. They were originally capri pants, but I decided I’d wear them a lot more as shorts. That’s the thing about thrifting: You have to be able to see the possibilities in things, since sometimes they need a little bit of work.

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