My Weekend in Pictures

My Weekend in Pictures

Had a super busy weekend, which included watching the Perseid meteor shower (it was GORGEOUS!), visiting the Portland Zine Symposium, watching Plan 9 From Outer Space in a park with live music and acting (super funny), brunch, baking, sewing, and visiting the Alberta Street Fair.

Row 1: $1 mirrored aviator shades, cat button drawn by a child, real cat who stole my chair
Row 2: Homemade cold-brewed iced coffee with heart coffee ice cubes, distorted view in a lamp at brunch at the Doug Fir, polka-dot nails
Row 3: Packaging a scarf order, polka-dot fabric at Fabric Depot, homemade blackberry muffins (they’re purple!)
Row 4: The “Totally Neon” rack of trim at Fabric Depot, a s’more crème brûlée from a food cart, a nearby car keeping cool with puppies in sneakers

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


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