This Weekend

This Weekend

I was busy this weekend!
I built myself a workbench in the garage out of free pallet wood.

hammer bench

Then I made a new pair of earrings on that workbench. It turns out it’s waaaay more comfortable to work there than the stump I had previously been using as a surface. Who would have guessed?

beam earrings
I picked tons of blackberries from my yard, and made them into some delicious concoctions. Recipes soon!

berries blackberry bars

I documented some important cat cuteness.

delicious cuddles

I even found time to lay on the grass and enjoy the sunshine.

grass lookdown

I also worked on some DIY projects, which are in various stages of completion.

What did you do this weekend?

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2 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. holy cow, amazing job on those earrings!! they are gorgeous! and that is SO cool you took that wood palette to make a work bench. really really awesome. and, the kitties are so cute and your hair is so gorgeous!!

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