Links I Like

Links I Like

If you’re a blogger, these tips for laying out a blog post are really helpful.

succulent wreath
This succulent wreath is really lovely, and I’m not normally a fan of wreaths. DIY here.

copper vase

What a great idea to transform a vase using metallic paint.

polkadot top

This top just shot up my fall wish list. Get it here.

charcoal mask

Would you put this on your face? It’s an activated charcoal mask, and you can learn how to make your own here.

cupcake stand
Isn’t this tiny cupcake stand adorable? Check out the tutorial to make your own.

balsamic blackberry pie
This balsamic blackberry pie looks amazing, doesn’t it? I know what I’m making next time I have a bunch of blackberries!

If I had $570 to blow on shoes, these (in black) are the ones I’d buy.

I just found out that there’s a Portland bloggers meetup this weekend. Anyone going?

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