Blog Improvement: Design

Blog Improvement: Design

blog improvement: design
In my first post in my blog improvement series, I recommended 10 ways to improve your blog. So far I’ve discussed how to improve your blog’s photography, and today I’ll tackle blog and graphic design. Design is an area in which I am entirely self-taught, and thus I feel like I have a lot of room for improvement. Earlier this year I started living with my friend Karla, who has taught PhotoShop classes, and I learned the value of having help from someone who actually knows what she’s doing when it comes to graphic design. In seconds she can tell me how to do things that would take me hours to figure out on my own. So while it’s great to mess around and experiment, if you can afford it I’m sure taking design classes (even just online), would be worthwhile. That said, here are some free resources to help point you in the right direction.

(I use WordPress, so some of these resources will be slanted toward that platform. But many of them are applicable for whatever site you use to host your blog.)

Blog and Graphic Design Resources

As I find more resources, I’ll be sure to update this post to include them. Do you have any great design resources to recommend?

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