Outfit Post: Wine & Paprika

Outfit Post: Wine & Paprika

To me, this color combination seems perfect for autumn. And I realized that this dress color is the shade I prominently featured in this Sunday Street Style round-up. But I was surprised when I went outside and realized that it was nearly 80 degrees–kind of warm for a cardigan. Fall seems rather delayed around here, which I’m definitely not complaining about. I guess I’ll have to save this outfit for later in the season, when I can wear it with boots and tights.
pumpkin and wine outfit fashion

pumpkin and wine outfit fashion

pumpkin and wine outfit fashion
This little puff is responsible for half of the cat fur that I’m always having to clean off my clothes.

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5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Wine & Paprika

  1. Such a lovely dress, and i cant get over how perfectly blue his/her eyes are!


    1. Thanks, Melissa! Unfortunately my two blue-eyed cats have no idea how pretty their eyes are, and usually refuse to look right at the camera. I got lucky this time.

      I can’t comment on your blog (it’s not just you–wordpress and openID comment sign-ins never let me comment), but your sugar scrub looks really nice. I want to try it!

  2. 80 degrees? I’m so jealous, I’d love that kind of weather. Of course it’s not convenient if your overdress. Isn’t funny how subliminally certain things will influence our style. Great color combo and by the way that polka dot DIY is brilliant.

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