Painted Bobby Pins

This little project was inspired by the details from the Cacharel Fall/Winter 2012 show. You can see some of the rest of the show here, but I’m just going to focus on the bobby pins. The way that they’re stacked in side-swept hair is a great little detail that is super easy to copy.
Cacharel F/W 2012
Cacharel F/W 2012

Cacharel F/W 2012


If you don’t have/can’t find bobby pins in the color you want, all you need is some plain bobby pins and some nail polish. (I just need to say that if there is ever a bobby pin shortage, you just come see me. I’ll hook you up, because I seem to have a huge collection. Including a pile of red ones, so no need to paint those, and some I painted with glitter nail polish in high school. Yes, I might have a bobby pin hoarding problem, but at least I re-used some I already had instead of buying more for this project.)

Bobby pins
Nail polish
Piece of cardboard
Topcoat or clear sealer (optional)

1. Slide your bobby pins onto a piece of cardboard, then paint them with a couple of thin coats of nail polish. Let dry between each coat.

painted bobby pins

painted bobby pins

2. Optional step: Seal with a top coat or acrylic sealer to prevent chipping/peeling.

3. While you’re waiting for your paint to dry, put on some red lipstick. Then part your hair on the side, and pin it back with a stack up three or four bobby pins.

painted bobby pins

painted bobby pins

(I don’t normally wear any lipstick, but maybe I’ll be brave and wear this shade out tonight!)

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