Links I Like

Links I Like

DIY leather necklace with image transfer
I had no idea you can use printable transfer paper to transfer images to leather. This tutorial for a super cute necklace shows you how (and it doesn’t hurt that cat photos are involved).

Tips from a J. Crew personal stylist
These styling tips from a former J. Crew personal stylist are spot-on.

lavender hot chocolate
This lavender hot chocolate looks super decadent and delicious. I’m going to have to make some as soon as it feels chilly enough!

braided bangs tutorial
Today I tried out this tutorial for braided bangs, and even though I’m not very good at French-braiding, I love the results!

tiered hanging plants
This tiered hanging plant holder is such a clever use of space (and a great way to protect plants from bad cats….) It’s also weirdly similar to a version I’ve been thinking about making.

vellum moths
These vellum moths and butterflies are brilliant!

Two of my tutorials were translated into French! You can check them out at Blue Marguerite.

Things that are proven to make you happier.

Tips for making the sun work for you when taking photos.

How to Wear Layers Like a True French Mademoiselle. Perfect for when it cools down later this fall.

Oh gosh, this post makes me desperately want to find a baby deer to hug.


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