Outfit Post: Gothy

This outfit is a little bit out of character for me, but the truth is that I just felt like wearing a maxi dress, and I only have two (this one and one in leopard print). I threw on my DIY body chain, and I realized I really liked how it played against the wide belt. I kind of feel like I raided Zana Bayne’s closet (and I mean that in a good way).
10-3-12 outfit

10-3-12 outfit

10-3-12 outfit

10-3-12 outfit

It only seemed fair to let Delicious be in my outfit post, since Adventurous was in my last outfit post. Yes, they are different cats, and no, they’re not related (Delicious actually hates Adventurous even though they’ve lived together for years). Sometimes they confuse maintenance people who only catch a glimpse of one, and then in another part of the house see the other, and don’t understand how the cat moved so quickly. To me they look really different, but I realize that it’s probably like when mothers of identical twins think they’re easy to tell apart.

10-3-12 outfit

Yes, picking up a white cat when you’re wearing all-black is ill-advised. But I’d do it again in a second (I own a lot of lint-rollers).

Dress: H&M (old, similar here or here)
Belt: Thrifted
Chain: DIY project
Boots: Awesome recent vintage find. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of these this season.

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2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Gothy

  1. Loving the all black monochrome. Those cats really do look quite alike. Such cuties. My cats are from the same litter but don’t look alike.

    • Thanks, Monique!

      I seem to recall seeing a picture on your blog of your cats curled up together, so at least they’re friends! (And super cute.)

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