DIY Halloween Manicure

DIY Halloween Manicure

With some of the leftover decal paper from my cat nails, I decided to do some Halloween nails. I painted eight of my nails black, and then painted the remaining two white and added spooky decals.
DIY Halloween nails tutorial

My friend Karla volunteered to model a whole hand worth of decals, so we put skulls and skeletons and bats and spiders on her nails.

DIY Halloween nails tutorial

DIY Halloween nails tutorial

DIY Halloween nails tutorial

DIY Halloween nails tutorialFun, right?

If you want to do your own Halloween nails, just follow the steps in my cat nail decal tutorial. The skulls were definitely my favorites out of these decals. So I put together a set to share. But I realized that my nails are much larger than Karla’s, so there are a variety of sizes in this set. I recommend first printing them out on regular paper, to figure out what sizes you need.

skull nail decals DIY manicure tutorial
Click to enlarge and download full size.

(If you want the images I used for any of the other decals, let me know in a comment which ones you want and I’ll post them.)

Special thanks to Karla for being my manicure model!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Manicure

  1. Love these SO much! I have been seriously jonesing to do the cat ones, but am having a heck of a time finding the paper. I think I will have to order it online. Very cool nails!


    1. Tammy, thanks! Yeah, I’m not sure where you’d be able to buy the paper in person. It seems like it’s too “crafty” for a paper or office supply store, but I’ve never seen it in a craft supply store, either. Hope you get your hands on some soon, though!

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