Street Style Trend: Cat Sweaters?

Street Style Trend: Cat Sweaters?

If you search Pinterest for “cat sweater,” you get things like this, this, this, or even this. (Ok, I want to link them all, but I’ll stop now.) These make me laugh, but they’re not exactly what I had in mind. Although they used to be an article of clothing only worn by cat ladies, lately I’ve seen several stylish women rocking cat sweaters. That is, sweaters with cats on them. Even Stacy London is getting in on the cat sweater action.

street style trend: cat sweaters
Top row: Left, right
Bottom row: Left, right

Would you wear a cat sweater? Or do you already?

P.S. I went as a cat lady for Halloween once! It was a fun and easy costume to put together–wear as many pieces printed with cats as possible, and carry around some plush stuffed cats.

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