Galaxy Bags

Galaxy Bags

Recently I decided to experiment with some of my space fabric by making bags. Although I altered the measurements, I used basically the same method as I did in my tutorial for a lined leather clutch. These are two of the little pouches I came up with. They would be perfect as makeup bags, don’t you think?

nebula galaxy space bags

pink space nebula galaxy bag

The black one is available here, and the pink one is here.

These aren’t actually the first galaxy/nebula makeup bags I made. Awhile ago I made another two, which looked like this. One day I was really pleased to see them pinned by a well-known blogger, but then a couple of people bluntly commented that they loved the bags, but hated the red zippers. I’m sure they had no idea that the maker might see their comments, and so they didn’t exactly say it in the kindest way. Which made me a bit sad, but I took it as constructive criticism and put black metal zippers in these. And I think they’re better for it. Sometimes the internet is a surprisingly small place, though–you never know who might see your comment and take it to heart.

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3 thoughts on “Galaxy Bags

  1. I stumbled upon this while looking up clutch tutorials, and I just wanted to say how sad it made me that Pinterest people had a go at your original bags – I think the red zips looked fantastic! <3

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