Links I Like

Links I Like

Happy Halloween! I keep coming across great Halloween decor ideas that I wish I’d seen earlier. Like these soda bottle bell jars, or these candle-holders made with x-rays. Oh well, I’ll just file them away for next year.

Loving this stamped shirt from Whimseybox. It is definitely making me want to learn how to carve a stamp.

Aren’t these glittered feathers pretty? I think I need to make some with my feather stash.

These little metal bead bracelets look super cute, and so easy to make!

Did you know you can make a font with your own handwriting? I totally want to try this.

Definitely going to try out this hairstyle soon.

This spiced poppy seed cake looks amazing.

I just finished knitting a similar hat (more on that project soon), but I love this cute lace beret pattern.

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  1. Those feathers would make beautiful ornaments on a holiday tree! Thanks for sharing our tshirt project, too 🙂

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