5 Fashion DIY Ideas

As I browse online I collect potential clothing and accessory DIY ideas on my Fashion DIY Inspiration board on Pinterest. Here are some inspiring photos I’ve pinned recently.

1. Cut-out shirt – This is a really interesting take on the cut-out shirt trend, don’t you think? It looks like a challenging DIY, but if you started with a large enough shirt, definitely do-able.
cut-out shirt

2. Pearls – Pearls on your jeans, pearls in your hair, pearls on your skirt hem, pearls everywhere! I added pearls to a shirt collar recently, and loved the outcome.

3. Jewel-encrusted shoes – Iron-on, glue, or sew embellishments to a plain pair of flats.
jewel-encrusted shoes

4. Faux fur & knit collar – I know I just recently posted about faux fur collars, but then I spotted this one. It’s unique in that it fastens with soft knit ties, which you could easily knit yourself and attach to a handmade (or vintage) faux fur collar.
faux fur stole

5. Studded chambray shirt – There’s no reason you couldn’t apply my tutorial for studding the pockets of a plaid shirt to studding a chambray shirt, instead.
studded chambray shirt

Have you spotted any good DIY inspiration lately?

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