DIY Gift Guide: For the Plant Lover

DIY Gift Guide: For the Plant Lover

It seems like nearly everyone must have someone in her life who loves (or at least appreciates) plants. I know I certainly do–my mom’s love of gardening is legendary in my family, and my siblings and I now have gardens and plants of our own. Indoor plants can help purify the air and make a house feel more like a home, so what’s not to love? The ideas below range from super simple to more involved, but fill them with pretty greenery and they’d all make great gifts.

1. Macramé hanging vase
2. Mini copper planters
3. Mid-century-inspired planter stand
4. Plant pocket (also links to plant crate and vertical succulent garden tutorials)
5. Tiny polymer clay pots
6. Living succulent wreath
7. Cement and gold-leaf plant pots
8. Terrarium mushrooms
9. Paperwhite terrarium
10. Leather plant hanger
11. Nautilus terrarium
12. Christmas ornament pot

If you’re not sure what kind of plant would make a good gift, here is a guide to some common house plants, and an A-Z Encyclopedia of House Plants. If you (or your gift recipient) need some help keeping plants alive, here are some tips. Happy planting!

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