DIY Gift Guide: For the Pet-Lover

DIY Gift Guide: For the Pet-Lover

First things first: Yesterday I got busy with last-minute holiday shop orders and realized I forgot to post the winner of my recent giveaway. So, sorry about that.

The winner of the Swarovski Elements jewelry kit is Jennie M!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope to do some more fun giveaways in 2013.

Now on to current business: More DIY Gift Guide goodness! I wanted to try to fit in at least one more of these before Christmas day, to give you a chance to whip up any last-minute gifts you want to try your hand at. This edition is aimed at the animal-lovers, those who adore their pets and want to give them the very best. You could give these gifts to people who own pets, or, if you’re a crazy pet owner (like me), give them to the pets themselves as holiday presents. Even though your pets probably don’t know Christmas as anything other than that time of year when a tree migrates indoors and gets covered with fun toys, it’s the thought that counts, right?

DIY gifts for pets and animal lovers
1. Knit cat cave
2. Suitcase pet bed
3. No-sew bowtie
4. Tooled leather collar
5. Paint-by-numbers pet portrait
6. Cat scratching post (and toy)
7. Paw-print ornament
8. Pet bed nightstand
9. Pet pillows
10. Corrugated cat bed/scratcher

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