Favorite DIY Posts of 2012

Favorite DIY Posts of 2012

I thought I’d end the year with a recap of my favorite DIY posts, just in case you missed any. I did some fun projects in 2012, but I hope to do even more next year!

DIY cat nail decals tutorialCat nail decals

DIY polka dot skirt tutorialPolka dot skirt

tiny polymer clay plant pots DIY tutorialTiny polymer clay pots

Pearled shirt collar DIY tutorialPearled shirt collar

DIY rhinestone spike necklace tutorialRhinestone spike necklace

DIY studded plaid shirt pockets tutorialStudded plaid shirt

Neon rope bracelets DIY tutorialNeon rope bracelets

DIY painted geometric print clutchPainted geometric-print clutch (and leather tassel)

DIY etched chevron vaseEtched chevron vase

DIY polka dot manicure nails tutorialPolka dot manicure

Happy New Year!

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