My Week on Instagram

1-26-13 instagram 2
1. Tried on these glasses when I went with my friend to pick up a pair she’d bought. They’re giant safety glasses, but I kind of love them. 2. I attended a Portland bloggers meet-up this morning at World Cup Coffee, and snapped this photo of a poster they have up in the back room. 3. A poem in the poetry box near my house. 4. Sewing space throw pillows.

1-26-13 instagram 3
A glamor shot of the brass earrings I made recently.

1-26-13 instagram 1
1. Delicious, being cuddly. 2. I’ve been wearing these bracelets a lot recently–in fact I’m wearing them right now. 2. “Freezing fog” means that everything gets coated in a layer of tiny ice droplets, including this spider web. 4. Pretty colors on these Powell’s baskets.

Hope you had a wonderful week!

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