Links I Like

Links I Like

Loving this little fringed heart, though I think a bigger one (like this one), filled with candy, would be super fun for an anti-Valentine’s Day party. Valentine’s Day haters could take turns hitting it with a bat to express their feelings about this most sentimental of holidays.

These customized polka-dot pillowcases are a great use of freezer paper stencils, don’t you think?

This adorable paper version of Paris is small enough to fit in your pocket. Get the free printables here.

If your idea of pampering involves a hot bath, you might want to make some heart bath bombs.

I need more craft supplies/tools like I need a hole in the head, but these wood-burned spoons totally make me want a wood-burning kit.

If you’re not sick of hearts yet, this is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day manicure.

How can you resist this? It’s the cutest.

I’m always looking for new stuff to do with my hair, so I appreciate 10 Ways to Dress Up Your Ponytail.

Josephine Baker was awesome.

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