Outfit Post: Nearly Neutral

2-18-13 outfit 1

2-18-13 outfit 3

2-18-13 outfit 2

2-18-13 outfit 4
Pants: Target (old)
Blazer: Gap (old)
Shoes: Nine West (thrifted, but similar pair here and here)
Necklace: Made by me (tutorial here)
Bracelets: Vintage, and made by me

You know how there are cat people, and dog people? You wouldn’t know it now, but I used to think I was solely a dog person. I grew up with an Australian Shepherd named Bandit, and I loved him dearly. But at some point in about fourth grade, and I’m not sure how, I became obsessed with cats. I desperately wanted one, but my dad was a staunch dog person, and refused to even consider owning a cat. So I had to be content with my subscription to Cat Fancy magazine (yeah, seriously), and my collection of cat items. Including the bracelet I’m wearing today. It was on sale because it was missing one of its little green eyes, and I bought it with birthday or Christmas money. I’m probably a hoarder for still having it after all these years, but it reminds me of how badly I wanted a cat. Eventually my mom convinced my dad to let me have one, and these days I have two of my own (and a half–I’m babysitting theirs for half the year). Though I’ve been accused of being a cat lady, I love pretty much all furry animals. And even some of the non-furry ones.

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