White Hot DIY Ideas

White Hot DIY Ideas

As the temperatures go up, it’s time to shed those dark layers you’ve been wearing all winter. I dug up some DIY inspiration in shades of white. Get started now, and you can have a whole new wardrobe by the time it’s warm enough to wear it.
white hot DIY ideas
1. White cut-out dress – Strategically placed cut-outs are a great way to keep cool.
2. Eyelet shell -With the right lace, you can easily make your own lace shell. Check out my tutorial.
3. White lace medallion dress – See number 1, this time combined with lace. Here’s another example, and another.
4. Lace bikini -Maybe note quite as easy to do yourself, but still do-able.
5. Embellished collar – Take a white shirt collar, add white rhinestones and studs.
6. Lattice shirt – Another take on cut-outs. Use pre-made bias tape, ribbon, or cord for this one (and get started now on the crunches!).
7. Oscar de la Renta lace shirt – Another white lace shirt, this time with a sequined collar.
8. Studded shoulder dress – I think iron-on studs are the way to get this look. I’d probably use some like these.

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