Outfit Post: Sophisticated Lumberjack

Outfit Post: Sophisticated Lumberjack

Wearing plaid flannel is practically a prerequisite for living in the Pacific Northwest, but it still makes me think of lumberjacks and outdoorsmen. They would never stud their flannel, though. Or wear a skirt with it.

3-11-13 outfit 1  3-11-13 outfit 3
3-11-13 outfit 2
Shirt: Thrifted, DIY studded
Skirt: Thrifted
Boots: Gift, DIY dyed
Bracelets: DIY
Necklace: DIY (just stuck a key on a leather cord)

3-11-13 outfit 4

This cat insisted on following me outside, and then she kept lurking and trying to photobomb my shots. As soon as I picked her up or pointed the camera at her, though, she wanted nothing to do with the situation. What a brat.

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4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Sophisticated Lumberjack

  1. I love this outfit so much! I esp. love that you added the studs. Do you have a source for them?

      1. Very helpful! Thank you! My daughters and I hope to do some studding on a bunch of clothing soon.


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