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Lately I’ve been feeling like dressing up my plain phone case a little bit. Here are 12 inspiring phone case DIY ideas.

These embroidery-thread-wrapped earrings are super cute. I did a similar project a couple of years ago (with pretty bad photos, now that I look back), but I really like this striped version.

I haven’t dyed eggs for Easter in years, but there are some super gorgeous ideas out there for going beyond the supermarket dye job. These are decorated with gilt, but I also love these, and would love to try out these recommendations for natural dyes for eggs.

Striped straws are super fun for special events, but it never occurred to me that you can make them yourself in custom colors.

This driftwood candelabra is so pretty! I just need some driftwood, and an excuse to make one. It would look great as a centerpiece or tabletop decoration, too.

Hell yeah. (I can’t actually find the source of this shirt. Anyone know where it’s from?)

This photo series, of the same two models transformed into different couples, is kind of fascinating.

I know it’s been out for a while now, but I picked up a copy of Design*Sponge at Home at a recent Powell’s Books sale, and today I spent some quality time with it on the couch. It’s got so many great ideas and inspiring interiors that it made me want to renovate all of my living spaces. I highly recommend it!

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