Links I Like

Links I Like

If the April showers are getting you down, try adding a little paint and pattern to your umbrella. Instructions here.

The tutorial for this hanging vase is lovely, and includes a great animated gif showing how to tie the knots.

This fancy-looking necklace is made from polymer clay, and there’s a tutorial to make your own.

Although the instructions for this adorable mountain range shelf are in French, with the help of online translation I bet it’s pretty do-able even if you don’t speak the language.
mountain shelf DIY

Isn’t this floral arrangement gorgeous? Get the full instructions for how to replicate it here.

Earth Day is on Monday, and making a water bottle carrier, to help encourage you to bring a re-usable water bottle, is a great way to celebrate.

A BBC period drama about the WWII lady codebreakers of Bletchley Park? Yes please! (More.) It seems to have aired already in the UK, so have you seen it?

Check out this free Craftsy class on how to use a micro-torch for soldering jewelry.

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