Links I Like

Links I Like

Hello friends! Just a little blog note before I get to the links: I just changed my comment system to Disqus. I tried it a long time ago and had problems, but I got word that people are having trouble with my current system, so I’m giving it another go. I hope it’s an improvement! If for some reason you have ever have trouble (or just want to chat!), you can always email me at, or you can use my contact form. Thank you so much!

I still love this heart cut-out dress tutorial, even though it’s from a couple of years ago. And I’m sure you could use this tutorial to make a cut-out of any simple shape.

Sure, I’ve had lemon curd, but I had no idea that you could make curd out of berries, too. I want to try this berry curd recipe.

Ever wondered how to make complicated patterns on friendship bracelets? This tutorial has you covered.

These little art clips are so cute!

The addition of a bit of paint to these wooden bowls was a great upgrade.

Mosquitoes seem to think that I am made of delicious candy, so I need to make some of these citronella candles to protect me when backyard BBQ season starts.

It’s going to be hot for the next couple of days, so I made a batch of cold-brew coffee. This is my go-to recipe.

If you’re not into coffee, try some sun tea instead.

Mother’s Day ideas: a banner with fresh flowers, a card and wine label free printable, and a blooming monogram.

Oh my god, these are not photographs. They’re pencil drawings. I never would have guessed, would you?

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