Links I Like

Links I Like

These DIY brushstroke mini bowls are just gorgeous.

As this lovely spring wreath proves, wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. But if real flowers are too fleeting for you, you might want to try making some crepe paper roses, carnations, or poppies.

Love this cool, hand-carved stamp.

Check out these two ways to transform your old bathing suits. Would you wear them?

This typography cake is genius. How much fun would it be to surprise someone with a secret cake message? (With some of these fancy striped candles on top!)

Getting married? Save tons of money by making your own bridal bouquet with these great step-by-step instructions.

Perfect summer dress? Or how about this one?

I adore this look.

This dress looks like the coziest.

Since seeing Elsie’s vintage brass planters, I want a couple of these to cluster near a window.

Can’t decide whether I love these sandals more in black or brown. Thoughts?

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