Links I Like

Links I Like

Are you brave enough to paint or doodle on your bags? I’m not sure if I am, but these turned out great!

This dip-dyed eyelet dress is really cute, and a nice variation on the dip-dye trend. (I think this is the dress they used, though this one or this one would also be good.)

This root beer chocolate bundt cake is supposedly quick, easy, AND delicious. I’m dying to try it!

I love the unexpected detail on these flats. Using earrings to add fun to your shoes is such a great idea.

This room is just wonderful.

Today I discovered that the Sloth Captive Husbandry Research Center is only about an hour from my house, and in addition to sloths they have fennec foxes, wolves, penguins, wallaby, and assorted other creatures. The best part is that you can go on tours where you actually get to interact with the animals. I am a major animal lover, so I definitely need to visit here someday.

I want to make one of these pallet planter boxes.

This VPL dress wins my award for favorite dress this week. (I love this bra, too.)

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