Links I Like

Links I Like

This copper pipe wall sconce is brilliant. Definitely adding it to my list of future projects.

What a pretty (and easy) beaded necklace.

10 Ways to Make a Cocktail Stick will help you dress up your drinks. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these in my future cocktail recipes.

This little fox stamp is so cute, and you can easily make your own.

When I shared a photo on Instagram of the process of waxing canvas, somebody asked me if I was making beeswax fabric wraps for food. I wasn’t aware of them, but now I want to make some. (They were inspired by these.)

The other day I made this kale and brussel sprouts salad, and it was delicious. Here are a few more salads I want to try.

Have you seen Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, and After Midnight? I love and highly recommend the first two, and am dying to see After Midnight, but it won’t be released here for a few more weeks. Here’s the bittersweet real-life inspiration for the movies.

I’m on the hunt for the perfect maxi dress. This one, this one, and this one are in the running.

Are you bored with your workout? Try 10 Creative Workout Ideas.

Have a great weekend, friends! Tonight I think I’m going to try to check out the Starlight Parade. My parents used to take us to the main Rose Parade every year when I was a kid (and it always rained, ha!), but I’ve never been to this parade, and it’s supposed to be pretty wacky and entertaining.

Later this weekend I’ll probably work on some DIY projects and try to watch some of the new Arrested Development. Have you watched it? The first five episodes were bad-to-terrible, but it’s slowly getting better, and I hear it’s worth watching overall.

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