Links I Like

Links I Like

You’re probably sick of being reminded of this, but if you subscribe to RSS feeds via Google Reader, it’s going to be retired as of this Monday, July 1. To stay updated, you can subscribe via Feedly, Bloglovin’, Pulse, or (my personal favorite), The Old Reader. Lifehacker and Wired both have helpful articles about where and how to move your feeds. If you’ve subscribed (or re-subscribed) to the Transient Expression feed already, thank you! And if you don’t know what RSS is, or just prefer to visit my site directly, thank you, too. Now onto the links!

This cute tote would be a great beach bag, especially in bright, summery colors. See the tutorial here.

Celebratory marriage equality cake, anyone? I’m tempted to make one in red, white and blue for the Fourth of July.

Make your own sprouting jars. This is pretty ingenious.

If you can’t decide on a summer activity, let fate decide for you. This adventure die is a super fun idea. You could even use some the the ideas from my list of 10 things to do this summer. I bet it would be great for dates, too.

If you’ve got a long sweater with a ribbed hem, here’s how to convert it into a crop-top that’s perfect for hot summer weather.

These sesame-ginger and cucumber soba noodles are high on my list of dishes to try soon.

What a sweet dress.

This picture (and the caption) made me laugh.

Can’t decide if this bra is sporty, sexy, or both. I’m leaning toward both.

Interesting article on how to buy happiness.

Love these tricolor nails.

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