Links I Like

Links I Like

7-27-13 links
1. These wood earrings are a fun little project.
2. DIY herbal shampoo is an intriguing idea. Would you try it?
3. I’d love to sew a pair of these sweet shorts.
4. You can knot/weave your own rope hammock. It’s like a giant macrame project!
5. Make your own clever faux-vintage posters.
6. Sew a color-blocked pillowcase to dress up your bed.

These shoes are way too cute.

Free printable vintage-style bookplates.

Cool extra-strong sunglasses for bright days.

I’ve been pinning lots of ways to wear scarves lately.

A chic and simple summer dress.

This top is going on my wishlist.

I love all of the natural DIY cosmetics and cleaning products on the blog Humblebee and Me.

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Have a great weekend!

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