Links I Like

Links I Like

8-3-13 links
1. Make a pretty agate slab bracelet with this tutorial.
2. This DIY Kimono is a perfect summer layer, and it looks really easy to put together.
3. If you’re a fan of iced coffee, you might appreciate these cold-brew coffee tips.
4. Want to learn how to knit? This knit kerchief is a great beginner project.
5. Make your own sweet kokedama hanging garden.
6. Holy cow, these vanilla bean waffle donuts look amazing!

This has nothing to do with the sort of things I usually post about, but yesterday my husband and housemates announced that the video game they’ve been working on for the past year, Gone Home, will be out in two weeks! Even if you’re not a game fan, you might want to check this one out–the story focuses on a teenage girl and her family in the 1990s, and there are no guns or violence. Also, I did some tiny bits of art and handwriting in it.

I know it’s only August, but is it too early to put this calendar on my wish list?

Honey Kennedy always has the best round-ups of cool stuff happening in Portland.

I’m a big fan of these shoes.

How to make your own boba tea at home.

Cute necklace!

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

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