Outfit Post: Something Borrowed

Outfit Post: Something Borrowed

Lately I’ve developed the bad habit of stealing from my husband’s closet. It started with his super-soft t-shirts, which he must not mind too much, since today he gave me a pile that he didn’t want anymore. Then I spotted this hat of his, and swiped it to cover up my messy hair. Technically I’ll be returning the hat at the end of the day, so perhaps we can just call this ‘borrowing’ rather than stealing. It just sounds so much better. When I stop giving them back is when I’ll be in real trouble.
10-9-13 outfit

10-9-13 outfit 10-9-13 outfit

Pants: Target (old, similar)
Shirt: Target (old, similar)
Hat: Unknown (similar)
Shoes: Converse
Bag: My shop, Pillars of Creation

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