Links I Like

Links I Like

10-12-13 Links I Like
1. Learn how to sew your own beautiful fringed clutch.
2. Make your own amazing textured planters from unexpected materials.
3. These botanical pumpkins are so cool, and so different from all of the pumpkin projects I’ve been seeing lately.
4. This leather bow collar could be the perfect touch for your fall outfits.
5. Sew your own cute fall skirt.
6. This floral arrangement is too gorgeous, and it features a neat flower-arranging trick that’s good to know.

I think I need this crazy cat lady mug.

Yum, this broccoli-pecorino tart looks delicious.

A clever trick for hanging pictures.

Studying up on 101 travel tips.

Combine vodka plus an essential oil to make a room spray.

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