DIY to Try: Feathered Brim Hat Makeover


DIY to Try: Feathered Brim Hat Makeover

A while back I shared some of my fall thrift finds, including a couple of cool hats from the Halloween accessories section. I already showed off my revamp of the grey one, and now here’s my makeover of the maroon one. Here’s what it looked like before, kind of sad and gaudy:

And here it is now:
DIY feather brim hat

DIY feather brim hat DIY feather brim hat

I removed the weird flower/feather hybrid thing, and I added feather trim to the brim. The hardest part was finding the feather trim. It took a couple of visits to different craft stores, but I eventually found it in the “feather” section of Jo-Ann Fabrics (not with the rest of the notions). It came in 14-inch strips, so I hand-sewed two together, and then I tacked it onto the brim of the hat with hand stitches. There were a couple of sparse spots on the trim, and as I handled it some feathers came loose, so after I had attached it to the hat I went over the trim with glue and extra feathers and filled it in. Now that it’s all fixed up, I’m looking forward to wearing my hat this fall!

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