Easy Spiked Ginger Cider

Easy Spiked Ginger Cider

Every year people get really into pumpkin spice this-and-that, but for a fall-inspired drink, I’m way more into apple cider. This cocktail couldn’t be easier (it hardly counts as a recipe!), and if you like ginger, it’ll be right up your alley. If you’re not a fan of ginger, you can just substitute light or dark rum.
spiked ginger cider recipe

Spiked Ginger Cider

4 oz apple cider (I like the fresh, non-pasteurized kind the best)
1.5 oz ginger rum (I used Below Deck Ginger Rum from local company Eastside Distilling)
Apple slices

Add 1.5 oz of ginger rum to 4 oz of fresh cider. (For a hot version, you can also warm the cider on the stovetop, and then add the rum.) Cut slices of apple and sprinkle with juice from a quarter of a lemon to keep them from browning. Slice a little notch out of the middle of the apple and place on the edge of the glass as a garnish.

spiked ginger cider recipe

That’s it! I bet this would be amazing with ice cream, a la these apple cider floats.

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