Links I Like

Links I Like

10-18-13 links
1. These tree branch buttons with natural stains are so pretty.
2. Ready to get organized? These fun ways to store your makeup brushes might help.
3. Kirsten figured out a neat way to transfer images to vintage decorative plates.
4. I had no idea that you can make bracelets out of dried gourds, but you can!
5. The materials for these chic copper bangles came from the hardware store.
6. This Medusa Halloween costume is really clever, and looks easy to put together.

Banksy strikes again! This video is surprisingly creepy.

There’s a Portland Flea on Sunday, and I want to go.

These boots (in black) are calling my name.

Geez, looking at pictures of this cinnamon roll cake is making me very, very hungry.

These mugs are so very stylish.

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