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Getting in the Mood

10 Reasons to Celebrate Fall

Fall officially arrived September 22, 2016, which obviously means that summer is out of here. This is a sad time for people who love the warm temperatures and sunshine of summer, but I’m ready for gray days and drizzle. What can I say, I’m an Oregon native. Although I lived in San Francisco for five years, […]


Getting in the Mood for Fall: Betina Lou

After our long, hot summer, I’m enjoying the transition to Fall this year. With just the hint of a chill in the air, I’m looking forward to wearing cozy sweaters while sipping from a mug of tea. But some extra inspiration from Betina Lou certainly doesn’t hurt. They always seem to have the perfect striped and […]


Vanilla Baked Pears with Streusel Filling

Before I made these pears, I had never roasted fruit before. Sure, I’ve baked it in pies and crumbles, but I don’t think that counts. Last week we were getting ready to leave on our trip and I had a few unripe pears in the fridge that I wasn’t sure what to do with. For […]


Tips for Fall Flower Arrangements

A couple of days ago I decided my dining room table needed a flower bouquet. I knew I wanted it to be very autumn-y, so I stuck to backyard flowers and seasonal foliage. Here are some tips for making your own autumn bouquet. Flowers with fall colors (gold, red, orange, yellow) are a good place […]

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