Links I Like

Links I Like

Hello friends! How was your week?  As of right now I’m in Nottingham, England. It’s the (possibly fictional, but no one really knows) home of Robin Hood, and though I wish I’d had more time to wander around town, today I did set foot in a castle and the oldest inn in England, which is actually in a cave. Anyway, despite my jetlag, I managed to put together some links on my hotel wifi. Enjoy!
10-26-13 links
1. Aren’t these watercolor geometric shapes beautiful? I’d love to make a few.
2. These instructions for making your own wooden bottle-opener make me want to learn woodworking.
3. If you cook from an tablet, this stylish DIY iPad stand would be super useful.
4. 5 super fun Halloween nail looks. My favorite is the little cats, followed by the skulls. Which do you like best?
5. Creep out your friends and family with these bloody cocktails.
6. Bromeliad came up with a smart way to turn old jewelry into a new necklace.

This blanket is gorgeous.

Some good basic image tips.

This recipe for burritos with chili-spiced brussel sprouts is intriguing. Definitely making these when I get home!

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