Gifts to DIY & Gifts to Buy: For the Globetrotter

These gifts are for that jet-setter who is always traveling somewhere fabulous. No matter how awesome your destination is, travel can really wear you down, and the little comforts can make a big difference. And organizational tools like lingerie bags and jewelry rolls make it way easier to jam-pack your suitcase and still be able to find everything later. Here are some DIY ideas for gifts to whip up for the traveler’s next voyage.

Gifts To DIY:
DIY Travel Gift Guide for the Globetrotter
1. Luggage Tag | 2. Glasses/Pencil Case | 3. Lingerie Bag | 4. Travel Photo Keychains | 5. Shoe Bags |6. Jewelry Roll | 7. Passport Holder | 8. Sleep Mask | 9. Globe Bank | 10. Cord Organizers | 11. Mini Sewing Kit | 12. Travel Candle | 13. Makeup Bag | 14. Passport Cover | 15. Makeup Brush Roll
Travel Gift Guide for the Globetrotter
Atlas Laundry Bag | Luggage Scale | All Aboard Departure Sign | Travelers Soap | You Are Here Wall Decor | Anthropologie Cosmetic Pouch | Compass Box | Log Travel Pillow | J. Crew Weekender

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