Links I Like

Links I Like

12-7-13 links
1. These mini holiday wreath stir sticks are incredibly charming.
2. Keep your neck warm with this simple braided cowl tutorial.
3. These coffee recipes all sound delicious. Perfect for a coffee junkie like me!
4. I really like this neat trick for adding an elegant floral element to a bundt cake.
5. A hexagon is such a great (and underused) shape for a table, don’t you think?
6. Make these cool geometric candles with free printable forms.

This slideshow makes me want to learn more about all of these scandalous women of history.

This adorable little jacket (and a very stylish-but-practical bigger coat) make me wish there was a Zara in Portland. Yeah, I know, I could order than online, but I want them instantly!

A wealth of posts about how to be better at the holidays.

These lounge/pajama pants are super cute.

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