Links I Like

Links I Like

Hello friends! Yesterday totally got away from me, and I didn’t get the post I’d planned up before life intervened. But I’ve got today’s usual batch of fun links right here.
12-14-13 links
1. I’m totally charmed by this car snow globe.
2. These peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies look amazing.
3. I’m thinking of making this paper feather garland when I finally get a Christmas tree.
4. If you’re not into traditional holiday decor, this modern geometric wreath is a lovely alternative.
5. Adding this beaded pendant light to my list of projects for my future home.
6. Creatively wrap your holiday presents with this faux chalkboard gift wrap.

Loving this scarf.

These shot into space shot glasses are fun and clever and would make a great gift.

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One thought on “Links I Like

  1. Thank you for the links! I bought some of that paper this year and the download on the link is super-helpful…my girls have been mocking my goofy drawings on the packages so far!

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