Links I Like

Links I Like

1-4-14 links
1. Make your own decal sweatshirt.
2. This free printable calendar is the perfect way to keep track of 2014.
3. How to dye fabric with black beans.
4. This giant pom pom blanket looks perfectly cozy…
5. …and it would go so well with this faux fur footstool.
6. This feather back necklace is perfect for a glamorous night out.

A pretty watch.

Help cats, big and small, by buying an awesome cat t-shirt. I would want this one even if it wasn’t such a fantastic cause!

These earrings are so sweet.

32 makeup tips nobody told you about has some really good tips I’ve never heard before.

I need to make some of this sriracha whiskey caramel corn.

This guy writes the funniest reviews on Amazon.

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