Links I Like

Links I Like

1-12-14 links I like
1. This copper and woven leather side table would be a fun home decor project.
2. I love this macrame planter, (and everything else on the deuce cities henhouse blog).
3. Make an easy marble tray to corral your tabletop miscellanea.
4. Knit this cozy diagonal pinstripe scarf with the free pattern.
5. Although the original instructions for this concrete lamp are in Swedish, Google translate does a good enough job that it looks do-able.
6. Upcycle old lampshades into chic copper wire pendant lights.

Helpful metal stamping tips.

A fun floor mat.

How to make your own cheap and easy lightbox for better photos. I used to use a set-up like this, and it worked really well. I need to make a new one.

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