DIY Inspiration: Beanie Babes

DIY Inspiration: Beanie Babes

If you’re in part of the US that’s being hit by a deep freeze right now, you might be wishing for a hat to help keep your head warm. The beanie has made a big comeback this winter, in an oversized, slouchy version that looks great with everything from dresses to denim.
Row 1 Left: Elle Street Chic Right: Blonde Bedhead
Row 2 Left: Atlantic-Pacific Right: Street Style Aesthetic
Row 3 Left: Vanessa Jackman Right: Seersucker + Saddles
Row 4 Left: It’s my darlin’ Right: Kendi Everyday

Inspired by ladies keeping warm in cozy beanies, lately I’ve been knitting my own. I’m kind of combining a couple of different patterns and making up my own version as I go along, but here are some free knitting patterns:

beanie patterns
Row 1 Left, Right
Row 2 Left, Right

If you can’t knit, or just want quicker results, try sewing a hat from an old sweater.

Stay warm!

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One thought on “DIY Inspiration: Beanie Babes

  1. So very cute! My teenagers have been trying their beanies on me, but as it ends in laughter I think it’s something I won’t be adding to my accessories closet. Bummed, it’s a cute & functional thing!

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