Links I Like

Links I Like

1-25-14 links
1. These cement conversation hearts would be a fun Valentine’s Day project.
2. Hack an Ikea side table with copper leaf and marble contact paper.
3. This sidewalk stencil that’s only visible when the sidewalk is wet is an amazing idea, especially for the soggy Pacific NW.
4. Organize your space with DIY modern pegboard shelves.

How to make rhinestone jewelry look vintage. Handy!

Pretty plant pots.

Really helpful lighting tips and tricks.

Possibly the most stylish backpack I’ve ever seen.

Recipes I want to try: Quinoa Quesadillas; Roasted Broccoli, Kale, and Chickpeas with Ricotta; Loaded Veggie Nacho Soup; Deconstructed Falafel Bowl; Chocolate Cake with Basil Buttercream.

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One thought on “Links I Like

  1. Love the messages that appear when cement is wet. How fun would those be–sidewalk graffiti could be the next big think and it would sure make it interesting when the rain comes. Pat

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